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Awards 2012: Phones, Tablets and Mobile Games

Andrew Williams


TrustedReviews Awards 2012: The winners

Every year we look at thousands of gadgets and tech products, from giant 5.1 surround systems to affordable compact cameras. Some are bad, others good. But only the select few are nominated for a TrustedReviews product of the year award.

Want to know who won our phone of the year award? Or what the best TV of 2012 was? Read on.

The Awards

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Cameras and Camcorders

TV and Media Streaming

AV, Headphones, Home Audio

Laptops, SatNav, Console Game

Best Mobile Phone of 2012: Samsung Galaxy S3

TrustedReviews Awards 12

Let's start with a big one. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was hands-down the most popular with our readers. It saw the much-loved Galaxy series go from strength to strength. It's the one phone that put in serious sales competition for the iPhone 5 last year, and for good reason. Great hardware, a superb screen and oodles of power made this the clear Android flagship of the year.

Best Mobile Phone of 2012 Runners-up:

iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Best Value Phone of 2012: Google Nexus 4

TrustedReviews Awards 6

It's a phone surrounded by controversy, with many asking “why can't I buy a Google Nexus 4?”. But if you manage to buy one direct from Google, it's by far the best-value higher-end phone you can get. It offers similar specs to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but sells for up to £150 less. It's a much less attractive deal if you opt for the £400 Google Nexus 4 offer the big carriers currently have.

Best Value Phone of 2012 Award Runners-up:

Huawei Ascend G300


Best Tablet of 2012: Google Nexus 7

TrustedReviews Awards 8

Easily the most important Android tablet of the last 12 months, the Google Nexus 7 revolutionised what we could expect from sub-£200 tablets. It looked like game over for most of the budget tablet brigade. With a good-quality 7-inch IPS screen, handy design and excellent performance for its time, the Google Nexus 7 still represents cracking value for money. There's now also a 3G version, if you're willing to spend a little extra.

Best Tablet of 2012 Award Runners-up:

iPad mini

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Best Mobile Game of 2012: Bad Piggies

TrustedReviews Awards 10When word of Bad Piggies arrived, we initially took a cynical view. Rovio was once again milking the Angry Birds cow. However, after 10 minutes playing the game, it's impossible not to appreciate the design ingenuity that has gone into the game. In each level you have to get a green pig from one end of the level to another, using a vehicle made out of blocks, wheels, engines, balloons and more.

Best Mobile Game of 2012 Award Runners-up:

Real Racing 2 for Android

Plants vs. Zombies for Android

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