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2010 Readers' Choice Company Of The Year

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Earlier we asked you to vote on your favourite product of the year as we move closer to launching our TrustedReviews Awards 2010.

Now we're asking for you to vote for your favourite company of the year. The companies were chosen from the manufacturers of what we feel are the contenders for Product The Year, so there may be some companies which aren't represented in the poll. While they may have produced some outstanding technology, we feel that ultimately, it's all about the products.

The awards, and the results to both Readers' Choice awards, will be published on 1st November and will include 31 categories from mobile phones and camcorders to headphones and printers right across the whole range of the TrustedReviews spectrum.

All you need to do to cast you vote is peruse the list below and put a mark next to your choice. No login is required but you've only one vote so choose wisely!

Voting closes on 27th October and the results will be published on 1st November along with the full list of our picks.

{poll:3928963 TrustedReviews Awards 2010 Readers Choice Company Of The Year}

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