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Best TV Under £1,000

1st Place: Samsung LE40B550 40in LCD TV

With a startlingly short list of features by Samsung's traditionally prodigious standards, the Samsung LE40B550 might seem an unlikely winner. But the key to its success was its sub-£600 price tag, which has now dropped below £500!

Of course that's not the whole story as this 40in TV is not only a good-looker, with its subtly curvaceous chassis and 'Crystal' shroud, its picture quality is also top-notch. With high definition material, it proved to be a dab hand at displaying convincing black levels within the same frame as peak whites, an ability that also helped it to deliver truly rich yet natural colours and tones. Furthermore, the Samsung LE40B550 is one of the best upscalers of standard definition material.

So in getting 40in pictures as good as those produced by the LE40B550 for so little money makes it the year's biggest TV bargain.

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2nd Place: LG 42SL8000 42in LCD TV

We're not going to lie to you - we didn't start off this year expecting an LG to be our second favourite sub-£1,000 TV. But the £999 42SL8000's stunning combination of an ultra-slim design, extreme feature count and easily the best LCD pictures LG has ever produced makes it a worthy inclusion. Especially as what it offers would probably cost at least £200 more if it had any other brand name attached.

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3rd Place: Philips 42PFL7404 42in LCD TV

With its startlingly affordable sub-£800 price tag, this 42in Philips set inevitably doesn't have a full version of Philips' latest all singing, all-dancing video processing engine. But even the stripped down version used here still surpasses most similarly-priced rivals, making it a great mid-price option.

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