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Best PC Accessory

1st Place: Teufel Concept B 200 USB Speakers

PC speakers aren't known for being the next thing in audio fidelity and all too often some sort of technological gimmickry or simply novelty value will be their defining feature. Not so with these Teufel B200 Concept speakers. They use a custom dedicated amplifier that connects to your PC via USB, thus bypassing the generally poor quality of your PC's soundcard and making setup nice and easy. You can, of course, plug in a normal audio source as well, though.

The speakers themselves are large but very well made and look great. More importantly, combined with their amp, they sound stupendous. Detail, clarity, and precision are there in abundance and volume is plentiful. Quite simply, they're the best sounding PC speakers we've ever encountered and for £180, you can't really ask for more.

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2nd Place: Wacom Intuos 4 Graphics Tablet

It's inevitable that some of the products that crop up in our awards, and particularly this category are going to be more niche than others and possibly the most extreme example is this one. Unless you're a graphic designer or maybe a budding Bill Waterman, the uses for a graphics tablet are somewhat limited. However, when you come across a product that is simply the best on the market you have to give credit where it's due. As such, the Wacom Intuous 4, with its best-in-class pressure sensitivity, clever new nib-storing pen dock, improved on-tablet controls, and softer writing surface is well worthy of accolade.

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3rd Place: Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse

If you wanted the convenience of a wireless mouse but the performance of a gaming mouse it generally meant owning two mice. That was until the Razer Mamba came along. By having a removable cable, it enables you to use it in wireless mode for everyday computing then, when you want to do some gaming, you turn off the wireless (and even take out the battery if you want to save weight), plug in the cable and you've got an ultra sensitive lag-free gaming mouse. When it launched it was ludicrously expensive and, at around £90, it's still far from cheap now but it's worth every penny.

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