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Best PC Component

1st Place: HIS Radeon HD 5850

If you dabble in the dark art of desktop PCs then you'll be wanting one of these cards to get the best from your gaming rig. This graphics card is not the fastest on the market - that accolade goes to its sibling the HD 5970 - but it is available for a much more appealing price. Besides which, if you have anything like a normal, single monitor gaming setup it should provide all the performance you need. Plus, if you do want to use multiple monitors, its support for three simultaneous displays will pique your interest. It should also support every game that comes out for the next several years thanks to its DirectX 11 capabilities.

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2nd Place: Intel Core i5 750

Computer CPUs have arguably been plenty fast enough for several years so when the Core i7 9xx series launched last year, we deemed it expensive overkill for just about everyone. However, with the release of the Core i5 7xx and Core i7 8xx series of chips, Intel brought its latest technology to a much more sensible price and in the process created our favourite CPU for quite some time, the Core i5 750. This quad-core CPU offers plenty enough performance for most home users yet uses less power than its predecessors and best of all is available for a sensible price.

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3rd Place: Asus P7P55D Deluxe

If you're going to buy our favourite CPU, you'll probably want to be putting it in a good motherboard and the Asus P7P55D Deluxe is the best we've yet seen. Built around Intel's latest P55 chipset, Asus has used its expertise to create a board that offers plenty of headroom for overclocking and is packed with features yet doesn't totally break the bank. Its layout is neat and simple and there are some great touches like the easy-remove QDIMM memory slots, power and reset buttons, and TurboC overclocking remote.

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