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Best Budget Mobile Phone

1st Place: T-Mobile Pulse Google Android Smartphone

The choice for winner of this category was one of the easiest of all. The T-Mobile Pulse offers everything you could want from a smartphone for a truly bargain basement price of £180 on Pay As You Go. It has a 3.5inch touchscreen, Wi-FI, 3G, GPS, a half decent camera, and even a microSD slot for storing all your multimedia. Most importantly, though, it has Google's Android operating system controlling the whole lot and as such it's a breeze to use and is packed with software features. In particular, there's the Android MarketPlace that gives you access to thousands of extra apps and games.

It does have a few downsides, like less than enviable build quality, not the best touchscreen, and an odd 2.5mm headphone jack (a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter is included in the box) but considering its price these quibbles are easily forgiven. Quite simply, if you want a phone that can do pretty much everything for a bargain price, this is the one to get.

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2nd Place: Nokia E52

Nokia's E series of smartphones have long impressed us with their simple designs yet top-notch set of core features and so it is with our runner up here. The E52 is the cheapest and smallest of the range yet it still has superb battery life, great email support, good call quality, the ability to view and edit work documents on the go, and a decent web browser. So, if you want a phone that is for the most part nice and small and simple but need some of those smartphone extras, this is a great choice.

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3rd Place: Sony Ericsson W995

Sony Ericsson has been churning out well made and easy to use Walkman and Cybershot phones for years but the W995 was the phone that really brought the whole lot together into a compelling package. With a proper headphone jack (a first for SE phones), excellent audio playback controls, a quality, 8.1 megapixel camera, and other extras like GPS, and Wi-Fi, it really packed in the features. It had a few downsides, like a relatively small screen, and general lack of any smartphone-esque features, but overall it's a great multimedia phone.

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