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TrustedReviews Awards 2009

To say we look at a lot of products every year, here at TrustedReviews, would be an understatement of massive proportions. However, as discerning types, both you and we know it isn't quantity that's important. Rather, quality is our watchword; we want only the best and so, it seems, do you.

If we had a penny for every time somebody asked us which TV to buy, or what netbook they should buy for their daughter we'd have, well, at least enough to have a fun afternoon in a sweet shop. For this year's awards we've once again put our thinking caps on, scoured through the reviews archive and compiled what we believe to be the comprehensive summation of all of 2009's finest products, in their various categories.

Once again the general standard of products seems to have improved this year, making the decisions even harder. Blu-ray players really seem to have come of age this year, televisions are, once again, offering even more for the money and, believe it or not, Apple has produced a good value, albeit expensive, iMac!

Our altruistic natures don't quite extend far enough for us to let you get your paws on the plethora of exciting toys we're privy to play with, but lucky for you we are more than happy to share our opinions.

On which note allow us to present the TrustedReviews Awards 2009.

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