Best Netbook

1st Place: Samsung NC10

There's nothing fundamentally revolutionary about the NC10. Being a netbook it is constrained by all the same restrictions as other netbooks, so its basic feature set is nothing out of the ordinary.

What makes the NC10 a winning product, then, is how it brings together all the best elements of other netbooks into one cohesive whole. It has design that compares with and surpass the MSI Wind, has the build quality that compares with and surpass the Eee PC and a keyboard to match anything else available.

That it has all this and still costs less the £300 makes it comfortably the best netbook you can buy right now.

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2nd Place: MSI Wind U100-291UK

MSI's Wind promised much when it first launched but all its good features, like the attractive design, excellent keyboard and reasonable feature set, were let down by a puny battery that could barely manage two and half hours.

Thankfully MSI put right this wrong when it launched a new version, the U100-291UK. It added Draft-N Wi-Fi, a 160GB hard drive and, most importantly, a new six-cell battery. This gave it battery life in excess of four hours and though this doesn't quite match and Eee PCs of this world, its other benefits outweigh this.

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3rd Place: Dell Inspiron Mini 9

Despite many promises, no manufacturers have actually managed to put HSDPA inside a netbook. None, that is, apart from Dell. It teamed up with Vodafone to offer its new netbook, the Inspiron Mini 9, with integrated HSDPA on its very attractive mobile broadband tariffs and for this alone it's worthy of a place on this list.

It helps, though, that the Mini 9 is a very good machine in its own right. It has a cool design, is very portable and its passively cooled configuration means it has better battery life than some netbooks in it class - Eee PC 901 excepted.

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