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Best In-Car Product

1st Place: Road Angel Professional Connected

Speed camera detectors are nothing new, they've been around for years and, for the most part, they all do roughly the same thing - they all use GPS positioning technology and compare your current position to a downloaded database of camera locations. But the problem with this setup is that the user has to remember to connect the detector to the Internet regularly in order to keep the database up to date. And even if you make sure that you update your unit every week, you could still be unaware of new cameras for up to seven days, if they go online the day after your update.

Road Angel solved this problem with the Road Angel Professional Connected. Not only is this device a fully featured speed camera detector, with a remote control for easy operation, but it also doesn't need you to remember to update it. Inside this Road Angel is a SIM card, and a GPRS data modem that can download the latest database updates over the airwaves. So, instead of having to remember to take the device out of your car, hook it up to your computer and update it, the Road Angel Professional Connected is constantly checking for new updates every couple of minutes. This means that you should never be caught unawares when a new camera goes online.

The Road Angel will also warn you of where speed camera vans tend to hang out, and if you happen to see one, you can press a button on the remote control and every other Road Angel Professional Connected user will be made aware of its presence. This is one of those rare products that genuinely moves the game on, and stands head and shoulders above the competition.

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2nd Place: TomTom Go 530 Traffic

Over the past few years TomTom has become a household name. Despite there being a plethora of after market sat-nav devices on the market, it's the TomTom brand that springs to mind before any other, and for good reason. Last year the top of the range TomTom Go 720 grabbed second place in the Mobile device section of our annual awards, and this year the Go 530 takes second spot again.

The great thing about the Go 530 is that it sports all of the best features of the current top dog, the TomTom Go 930, but carries a far lower price point. What you get is that bulletproof TomTom navigation, with maps for the whole of the UK built-in. You also get the excellent IQ Routes feature that works out the best possible route based on a multitude of historical data covering all possible options. Based on price and performance, the Go 530 is the best sat-nav you can buy right now.

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3rd Place: Aliph Jawbone Noise Assassin

You may think that all Bluetooth headsets are pretty much the same, but you'd be wrong. The Aliph Jawbone Noise Assassin is the best Bluetooth headset we've ever tested here at TrustedReviews, by quite a wide margin.

First up, this headset looks great, finished in textured dark plastic and leather. Its integrated button design also eliminated the fiddly operation that plagues most headsets. It's also the most comfortable headset we've encountered, as well as being very easy to fit, even with one hand.

But it's the performance that really sets this headset apart, with its dedicated motion sensor that detects when your mouth is moving, and consequently when you're talking. The sound quality at both ends of the conversation is excellent with the Jawbone, with many people completely unaware that a headset is being used at all.

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