Best DAB Radio

1st Place: Pure Evoke Flow

OK, so strictly speaking, the Pure Evoke Flow is a lot more than just a DAB radio but we simply couldn't let this radio go unrewarded because it's just so good at what it does.

As well as DAB radio tuning capabilities the Evoke Flow has inbuilt Wi-Fi that can be used to tune into Internet radio stations and use the BBC's listen again service, as well as stream your music collection over your home network. However, unlike other similarly featured devices, this functionality doesn't come at the detriment of usability. With its online management facility, it's easy to keep a track of all your favourite radio stations and podcasts (yes, it can do those as well) and the controls on the device itself are wonderfully simple.

Add in the fact the optional battery pack will give 24 hours of portable listening and that all this comes at a price little greater than many conventional DAB radios and you have a our best audio-device-with-DAB product of the year.

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2nd Place: Boston Acoustics Solo XT

If you want a DAB radio with a little more oomph than the Pure Evoke range can provide then you'll probably want one of these. The Boston Acoustics Solo XT has a more modest feature set, with just conventional DAB and FM tuning, but is no less easy to use and sounds miles better.

Bass is full and weighty, the overall sound is rich and warm, and, most importantly, both these qualities remain even as you crank the volume up to uncomfortable levels. Quite simply, if you want the perfect balance of sound quality and usability, and don't want all that fancy Internet radio stuff, the Solo XT is the radio to go for.

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3rd Place: Arcam Solo Mini

While DAB is hardly what you'd call the main feature of Arcam's highly accomplished all-in-one Hi-Fi, its inclusion means we simply had to feature it in our DAB section. Why? Well because this is the best mini Hi-Fi system we've ever used and if you're looking for a living room sound system that includes DAB we'd recommend it every time.

Even if you don't buy the matching rDock for using your iPod, you still get CD playback, DAB, FM, AM, and a 25W amplifier. Combined with a suitable set of speakers you'll struggle to find anything that will make your music listening, from whatever source, so pleasurable.

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