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Touch keyboards for Windows Mobile


Touch Keyboards for Windows Mobile

We might whinge a bit here at Trusted Reviews about Windows Mobile and its foibles, and sometimes it must seem a touch unfair - but for the most part it's justified. It's old-fashioned-looking, the touch screen version (Windows Mobile Professional), in particular, is fiddly to use with anything but a stylus, and the learning curve is steep.

Perhaps it's worst aspect, however, is its text entry. There's nothing worse than having to reply to an email or text message at length with only Windows Mobile's handwriting recognition or, worse, touch screen keyboard for company. Cue much banging of tables, gnashing of teeth and rolling of eyes towards the heavens. It's why hardware keyboards have become so popular on handsets like these - the alternatives are simply too slow and inaccurate.

But it doesn't have to be like this. The iPhone proved, when it was launched, that touch screen text entry can be effective and straightforward. And you can also have a similar experience on your Windows Mobile Professional phone thanks to a myriad of add-ons.

To prove it I've gathered together some of my favourite text entry alternatives below:

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