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Toshiba 2009 - SV Series TVs

TVs - SV series

Also unveiled at the event was a plethora of LCD TVs, many of which feature the new energy-saving Eco Panel and MetaBrain chip that carries out a wide range of picture and sound duties, including Resolution+, Auto View, Active Vision and Dolby Volume.

Sitting at the top of the new line-up is the two-strong SV series, which houses Toshiba's most advanced TVs to date. Both the 46in and 55in sets are bursting with features, and are the first UK models from Toshiba to feature an LED backlight, which achieves a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1.

This backlight is complimented by ActiveVision M200HD processing, which sounds like 200Hz but actually combines 100Hz technology with intelligent backlight scanning that inserts black sections into intermediate frames to make motion look smoother than previous Toshiba sets.

Another new feature found on the SV series is the Deep Lagoon design, which incorporates a Full Crystal Panel that sits over the front of the TV and makes the screen sit flush with the frame, plus the edges fade from black to white, giving the sets an alluring look. It's a shame that Toshiba has done away with the slim-bezel Picture Frame design in 2009, but Deep Lagoon should make a fitting replacement.

Resolution+ also appears on the SV series, providing a way of boosting the sharpness of standard-definition content on the Full HD screen, and it's joined by Auto View, which automatically adjusts the properties of the picture on the fly after analysing the room conditions and content.

The SV series also features integrated DLNA technology, which allows you to pair the sets with a PC across a network and stream music, photos and videos.

Sadly you'll have to wait to get your hands on the SV sets as they're not launched until August with suggested retail prices of £2,500 for the 46in version and £3,500 for the 55in version.

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