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Toshiba 2009 - DVD Players / Recorders

DVD Players

With no Blu-ray on the horizon and the Net Player not launching until IFA, Toshiba's focus remains firmly on DVD, and the company will introduce a healthy range of models throughout the year. However, there are no new XDE-equipped models for the time being - the XDE-500 continues with the added bonus of a year's free subscription to LoveFilm.

There are five new standalone players in total, three of which offer 1080p upscaling. The best-specified upscaling model is the £60 SD590E, which features a new slimline design, a USB port with DivX, MP3 and JPEG playback and Regza Link. It's joined by the £55 SD490E, which drops the USB port, and the £50 SD390E, which lacks USB, DivX playback and Regza Link.

There are also two entry level, non-upscaling models, the £35 SD190E and £40 SD290E, the latter adding DivX support and a USB port to the 190E's basic spec.

You can also watch movies on the move with four swanky-looking portable models, including the £200 SDP93S, which features a 9in screen, a shiny gloss-white finish and five-hour battery life.

DVD Recorders

Five new models make up Toshiba's new DVD recorder range, all of which are launched in June and come equipped with Freeview+ and a new EPG. Heading up the DVD/HDD combi range are the £270 RD99DT and £300 RD329DT, which feature 250GB and 320GB hard-disk drives respectively, as well as a USB port with DivX, MP3 and JPEG playback - not to mention 1080p upscaling and DVD-RW/-R and DVD+RW/+R recording.

Next up is a new DVD recorder, the DR19DT, which retails for £180 and supports boasts the same features as the combis (minus the hard-disk stuff of course). It's joined by the RDXV59DT, a £300 DVD/HDD/VHS combi and the £220 DVR19DT DVD recorder/VHS combi. It's a shame that none of these new recorders feature twin Freeview tuners but otherwise the feature sets look solid.

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