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Toshiba 2009 - ZV, XV, RV and AV TVs

TVs - ZV, XV, RV and AV series

The month of May, however, sees the launch of the ZV series, which will introduce many of these exciting new features. As well as being the first range to include Active Vision M200HD and Deep Lagoon, the ZV series is also the first to feature Dolby Volume technology, which regulates the volume across different types of content to stop you having a heart attack when it cuts to the commercials. Representatives from Dolby were on hand at the launch to demonstrate Dolby Volume in action, and we were highly impressed with the results.

Available in May, the ZV series consists of 42, 47 and 55in screens (retailing for £930, £1,130 and £2,000 respectively), and all of the sets feature a 100,000:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio, four HDMI inputs with InstaPort technology to eliminate delays when switching between sources, USB ports for JPEG, MP3 and DivX playback and an SD card slot.

On the next rung down the ladder is the XV series, which again features the MetaBrain chip with Dolby Volume and Auto View, but features the new Active Vision M100HD Pro 100Hz wizardry instead of the ‘200Hz' version. There's no Deep Lagoon finish, but you will find Audyssey speaker technology. The 37, 42 and 46in sets are available in May priced at £750, £830 and £1030 respectively, plus a 32in version (price TBC).

At the cheaper end of Toshiba's new range is the RV series, which is launched in April and comes with MetaBrain, Resolution+, Active Vision II, Dolby Digital Plus support and Auto View - prices are £730 for the 42in set, £630 for the 37in set and £550 for the 32in version.

The entry-level AV63 series (equipped with Resolution+) and supermarket-focused AV61 series are both out in April. There's also a range of TV/DVD combis (DV61) available in 19, 22 and 26in screen sizes, plus small screen, HD Ready versions of the AV61 range (19 and 22in).

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