Unsurprisingly Toshiba is still pushing HD DVD hard, and with the announcement of the HD-EP10 a little while ago, the company has a pretty compelling range in this area. The HD-EP10 is pretty similar in specification to the award winning HD-E1, but it adds 1080p output to the mix. This positions the HD-EP10 between the entry level HD-E1 and the high-end HD-XE1 and opens up the world of 1080p to a whole host of consumers who may have thought that they couldn’t afford that kind of setup.

As well as outputting HD DVDs at 1080p, the HD-EP10 will also upscale standard DVDs to anything up to 1080p. If the upscaling on the HD-E1 is anything to go by, this will be a great feature for anyone with a large DVD collection. Toshiba has stopped short of including HDMI 1.3 support in the HD-EP10 though, with only the top end HD-XE1 sporting the newest connector along with support for Deep Colour and the high-end audio CODECs from Dolby and DTS.

The introduction of the HD-EP10 has also meant that Toshiba has slashed £100 off the price of the HD-E1. A quick look around the web shows that the HD-E1 can already be had for as little as £265 on the street, which is a stunning price, and a tempting doorway into the world of high definition movies.

The introduction of the HD-EP10 hasn’t changed the pricing or positioning of the HD-XE1. This will remain at the top of the food chain, with its pricing unchanged. Toshiba did indicate that there would be some key firmware updates for the HD-XE1 over the coming months, with one major additional feature being 1080p 24 support. I’m just polishing off a full review of the HD-XE1 right now, so check back later this week to see if Toshiba’s high-end offering is worth the extra cash.

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