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Honourable Mentions

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

You needed a degree in MGS-ology to understand it, but anyone who did will have found this a rich and satisfying conclusion to the Solid Snake saga.


Burnout Paradise

Burnout goes open-world in style, and a game that threw a long shadow over rivals (Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Need for Speed: Underworld) long into the year.


Dead Space

The year's most under-rated game, and a near inclusion in our 2008 top ten. The best survival horror game since Resident Evil 4. Well done, EA.


Call of Duty: World at War

We expected the worst, but for all its poor AI and crude, borderline offensive gung-ho drama. World at War was one of the most enjoyable shooters of the year, and an absolute must for fans of online mayhem.



In retrospect it was slightly over-rated, but Spore's unique perspective on life, the universe and everything made it one of the few games that stretched your mind and made you contemplate the cosmos beyond the screen. Plus, the content creation tools were fantastic.


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