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Mario Kart Wii & Rock Band 2

9. Mario Kart Wii

It's slightly depressing to note that this is the only Wii game in our top ten - and probably the only Wii exclusive that we'll keep coming back to in 2009. Still, Mario Kart Wii was easily the best home console version of Mario Kart since the SNES original. A few long-term fans were alienated by the slightly loose motion-sensitive controls and the new boost mechanics, but everyone else could revel in a fantastic selection of tracks, the frantic racing action and - best of all - the finest online gaming to be found on the Wii. And who could have guessed that such a silly plastic steering wheel would add so much to the fun?

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8. Rock Band 2

Guitar Hero: World Tour was great, but Rock Band 2 improved on Rock Band and took the music game to places it had never been before. Sure, you could play Guitar Hero: World Tour as a band, but Rock Band and Rock Band 2 showed a better understanding of the group dynamic, encouraging you to work together and turn each and every song into a show-stopping performance. Meanwhile, the game's flexible approach to online and offline multiplayer meant you didn't have to get a band together physically in the same room to have a good time. We'll always have a soft spot for Guitar Hero's six-string theatrics and heavy metal thunder, but if you want a more gritty, authentic slice of rock and roll, Rock Band 2 is the only way to go.

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