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Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

iTunes link: Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List – Free

Feel like chicken tonight? No, well how about a fish dish then? With Epicurious you’ll never be short of interesting recipe ideas. Based on the popular Epicurious website that has a database that’s seemingly larger than the population of China, it covers everything from options for vegetarians to ideas more suited to those who like their steaks done rare.

You can search for recipes either by specific ingredients, which is useful if you’ve just opened the fridge and are scratching your head to think of something to make with its less than overflowing contents, or by dish type. There’s even an 'I Can Barely Cook' option for those who are a little more culinary challenged. Alternatively, if you fancy a liquid lunch instead you can search through its cocktail database to find something suitably fiery.


Its huge database of recipes and cocktails make Epicurious difficult to top as a kitchen companion.

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