Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster

iTunes link: Movies by Flixster – Free

If you’re into movies then Flixster is a must-have download. Essentially, it’s a cinema listings guide that lets you see which movies are playing locally and at what time. The app has a huge database of local cinemas along with information such as their location, phone number and show times for films over the next seven days. But the app goes much further than this.

It lists all the movies currently showing in the UK, shows you what films are opening during the week and lets you sort them alphabetically or, more usefully, by rating. It even has links to movie trailers as well as reviews from the popular Rotten Tomatoes site. Tap on a movie name and it‘ll display a synopsis of the plot along with information about the director and cast.


A great way not just to check what’s on at the movies, but also to find out more about films you’re thinking of going to see.

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