Tapatalk Forum App

Tapatalk Forum App

iTunes link: Tapatalk Forum App – Free or £1.79 for the full version.

Trying to browse through web forums on the iPhone can be a slow and tedious affair, as the layout of forum pages are usually optimised for large PC screens and even those with mobile versions don’t always have the most intuitive of controls. The Tapatalk app cleverly lets you connect to web forums via the app.

You can either browse through the comprehensive list of forums, which are divided up into sub categories such as Music, Sports and Technology, or just use the search features to find specific forums you're interested in. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for it lets you browse through posts and threads or log in to view those that you are subscribed to and also view private messages. The paid for version of the app also lets you post messages to forums.


Tapatalk makes browsing web forums on your iPhone a far more pleasant experience.

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