Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat

iTunes link: Talking Tom Cat – Free or £0.59 for the full version.

There’s a reason why this app has had a long run at the top of the App store popularity charts and it’s because kids seem to find it the most hilarious thing that’s ever been invented. In short, Tom is a 3D animated cat that you can interact with. Talk into the iPhone’s microphone and he’ll repeat what you say in a squeaky high-pitched voice while mouthing the words.

You can also rub his tummy to make him purr, grab his tail and watch him get a bit peeved or alternatively feed him a glass of milk. Best of all you can punch him on the head repeatedly until he falls over. Kids just seem to love punching him and watching his comical cartoon fall, which perhaps goes some way towards explaining those Tory worries about Broken Britain. If you shell out 59p for the full version, you get some extra animations.


Silly, but undeniably cute, Talking Tom Cat can serve as a great distraction for kids when you’ve got to keep them entertained on longer journeys.

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