Flight Control

Flight Control

iTunes link: Flight Control – £0.59

Firemint’s other big hit was the incredible 3D car racing game Real Racing that featured some of the best graphics seen on an iPhone title and while Flight Control’s simple 2D graphics may seem quaint in comparison, beneath the surface lies a maddeningly addictive game.

Basically, it’s your job to route incoming planes onto the correct landing strip by drawing flight patterns with your finger on the screen. It sounds simple, and is initially very easy to pick up, but the difficulty level soon ramps up. Before you know it, you have multiple different types of aircraft on the screen at once, all with different airspeeds, and managing the traffic can get very tricky. You’ll soon be completely engrossed and desperate for just one more go to get the landing sequence right.


Easy to pick up but maddeningly addictive, Flight Control offers a lot of entertainment for 59p.

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