iTunes link: Urbanspoon – Free

If you ever find yourself suffering from hunger pangs in an unfamiliar place then Urbanspoon is the app to turn to. Based on the popular Urbanspoon restaurant review site, the app presents you with a Vegas style slot machine interface with three wheels that let you specify the location, type of food and price point that you want to search for.

Then you simply shake your iPhone and the wheels will spin and deliver randomised restaurant suggestions based on your selected criteria. The results include handy links to maps, telephone numbers as well as critic and user reviews. If you’d prefer not to leave the results purely to chance you can use the Browse feature instead to search through the large database of restaurants manually. The app has a nice clean interface with reviews and other information laid out in a way that’s easy to read on the iPhone’s screen.


Its innovative design and large database of restaurants makes Urbanspoon a must-have app for foodies.

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