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Too Old to Overclock?

Originally, overclocking was born out of desire to get more performance because you felt you needed it and couldn’t afford to buy the higher performing components. But these days the money people are spending just to be able to overclock is blowing that argument out of the water.

So people can feel that because they bought their CPU for £200 and have got it performing like a £400 part, they’re ‘giving the finger to the man’. But as you’ve spent an extra £250 to get there who’s the sucka, sucka?

A whole overclocking industry has been created, from overclocking fans and water cooing units to specialist motherboards that let you alter the voltage to the nth degree of your neighbours PCs round the corner, and overclocking RAM that runs two per cent quicker but cost 20 per cent more. There are even loads of magazines and web sites devoted to the subject.

But then if you look at it that way, you’re missing the point. It seems that even as people get older, get jobs and can afford faster stuff, they still want to overclock what they buy and are quite happy to spend extra to do so. It becomes a hobby and in some cases an obsession, not out of need but simply for fun. These people will most likely not only overclock their PC, but also their TV, their toaster and one day when they’re in an old age home, their pacemaker too.

And where’s the harm in that?

But just as I was about to give up on the whole overclocking shebang, I copied one suggestion I found of lowering the HyperTransport speed on my motherboard to 3x, dropping the memory to 33.3MHz while upping the CPU clock to 240MHz and keeping the multiplier a 10x. The good news is that my week of hardware woe appears to be at an end and I’m now comfortably and stably running at 2.4GHz. For some reason my memory is also at 400Mhz too, which is ‘L33t’. It’s something to do with memory dividers or some such, but right now my head hurts too much to work it all out.

I’ll leave you with my favourite post I found on a forum discussing whether there was in fact an ‘age limit’ for overclocking. It simply said, “I’m 15, and I’m way too old to be doing this.”


Are you an OAP overclocker or do you think it should be left to the 'Yoof'?

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