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Too Old to Overclock?

Having done this I started to mess around in the BIOS, upping the FSB, increasing voltages and locking down the PCI speeds. I rebooted, and though for some reason Windows took an absolute age to load, it got there. It seemed ok, and I tried to run 3DMark 05. Of course it crashed about half way though, but then I tried again and it got to the end. I then tried a game and of course, it locked up. So where everybody was able to get there 3800+ to run at 2.4GHz, it seemed as if I had failed. I could post for help in a forum but I didn’t want to have to deal with the responses of, “what kind of n00b l3mer are you?” Or some such.

And besides, by this time it was so late it was early, and instead of actually using my PC, I’d spent the whole of the evening fruitlessly messing about with it. And I couldn’t help but ask myself why.

In my search for tips I’d found numerous guides on how to overclock one that caught my eye was this one. This lists in clear terms the sensible, logical, and gradual steps you need to take to effectively overclock. The process is split into two halves. First you, ‘Isolate’, where you gradually discover the maximum capabilities of each of your components, followed by the second stage where you, ‘Consolidate’, where you put the information together to work out the various permutations of HyperTransport speeds, memory dividers, voltages and other such voodoo.

Just look at the list of things that you need to do. Oh My God. If I did everything as I should do, I’d be here until next week. In fact, possibly forever. It was as this point that I came to the realisation. I was Too Old To OverClock.

To overclock successfully you need time, and you need patience, but I'm on the wrong side of 30 now with a family and hey, I have a life. I simply, don’t have the time, or patience to do all of that stuff. The rare moments I’ve got to sit in front of my PC at home I want to play all the cool games that are out right now, not endlessly fiddle with the machine.

It’s clear from perusing the many forums on the web, that overclocking has become an obsession. It seems like some people spend their entire lives tweaking and tuning their PC, changing settings and then endlessly running stability tests. I can’t imagine these people ever actually ‘do’ anything else at all with their PCs. The nominal reason many people overclock is to make games run faster, but I can’t imagine these people get to ever actually play any games - they just spend their time, tweaking and testing and then tweaking and testing some more, just so that they can boast that they’ve got the fastest system on the planet. Which, when it’s not being tweaked, does nothing.

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