In conclusion

Of course these lists could be longer. Samsung and HTC look set for big years with the Galaxy S II, Tab 10.1, Desire S Incredible S and Wildfire S, but they already had sharp upward momentum.

Likewise the recent dip from LG doesn't appear reversing with the gimmicky Optimus 3D or me-too Optimus Pad, while the Xperia Play is a major gamble from struggling Sony Ericsson and its success could go either way. Likewise, much as we love WebOS, it is hard to know if HP can generate enough momentum behind the excellent TouchPad, Pre 3 and Veer to avoid becoming yet another convert to the Android bandwagon. For variety's sake, we hope not.

All of which leads us to Android. Google's OS is now clearly the dominant platform amongst handset and tablet makers. This is no surprise given the incredible growth figures we've seen over the last year and that gap only looks set to widen. How Google plans to merge Android 3.0 and Android 2.x over the next year will be interesting however and the fact Apple skips Mobile World Congress yet still wins the MWC device of the year means all eyes now move to Cupertino where we await the company's next move...

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