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The Ultimate Netbook

Oh, yes, now I remember what that other thing was...

HSDPA. Integrated. Please.

This is the one thing everyone is likely to agree on. If netbooks are to truly break free from the constraints of the home, the Internet Cafe or other Wi-Fi covered location, then 3G networking is an absolute must. In fact, I'd go as far as to say a netbook without 3G HSDPA should take its "netbook" credentials with a pinch of salt. If that means purchasing a netbook with a contract then I'm cool with it, but the option to go "unlocked" should always be there.

To summarise , the recipe for the Ultimate Netbook, by Andy Vandervell:

  • Take HP Mini-Note and Sony VAIO TZ. Mix thoroughly and season with colourings to taste.

  • Add track point mouse to make room for well proportioned keyboard.

  • Add nine inch screen with 1,280 x 800 resolution.

  • Insert 1GB RAM module and Intel Atom CPU. Sprinkle lightly with graphics and sound that do the job, but move on quickly or netbook will become bloated and expensive!

  • Add solid state memory for storage and expandable memory options to taste.

  • Throw in basics like USB ports, then add HDMI port and whisk for five minutes.

  • Add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, but don't forget Ethernet too!

  • Install custom Linux OS and create community and development to help make it thrive. Ensure all essential software and codecs are pre-installed.

  • Insert six-cell battery to avoid premature deflation, but ensure netbook remains light and fluffy.

  • Add the magic ingredient, HSDPA.

  • Bake for three months, slowly increasing temperature through a prolonged campaign of deliberately leaked blurry products shot and proposed spec sheets.

  • Finally, release and sell for less than £350.

The Ultimate Netbook? Done.

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