Asus Eee PC 904HD

Asus Eee PC 904HD

UK Price: From £230 to £265

US Price: $300

Brief Description:

Something cooked up, we can only imagine, to get rid of a few spare Celeron processors Asus had knocking about the office, the 904HD is very weird. Basically, Asus took the Eee PC 1000, removed the Atom processor and the 10in screen and replaced them with a Celeron and an 8.9in screen. This is joined by a six-cell battery, but there's no Draft-N Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth and the WebCam has been downgraded, too.

Vital Statistics:

  • CPU: Intel Celeron M 900MHz

  • Memory: 1GB DDR2

  • Storage: 80GB HDD

  • Display: 8.9in, 1,024 x 600

  • Ports: 3xUSB 2.0; VGA; Headphone & Microphone; Ethernet; Memory Card Reader

  • Internet: 802.11b/g; 10/100 Ethernet

  • Bluetooth: No

  • WebCam: 0.3 Megapixel

  • Operating System:: Windows XP

  • Dimensions: 266 x 191 x 38 mm

  • Weight: 1.36kg

  • Colours: White & Black

  • Battery Life: 4-5 hours

The Good:

  • Good battery life

  • Can be found cheaply

  • Reasonable keyboard

The Bad:

  • Same problems as the Eee PC 1000

  • Limited Availability

  • Inferior processor

  • Not cheap everywhere

The Ugly:

  • Big black bezel around screen


What We Think

This is a great example of Asus' confused netbook strategy. Quite what it was trying to achieve we're not sure, but you can guarantee a few people have probably looked for "one of those Eee things" and ended up with a 904HD. Bizarrely, provided you can get it cheap - around £230 - it's not a terrible purchase and you'll get pretty good battery life. However, at the £265 price-point seen elsewhere, its value is more dubious - especially given the sluggish performance of its old CPU.

The Bottom Line

An odd compilation of components, the 904HD might be worth considering, but you should weigh up your options carefully first.

Untuk Sapa Ini

April 13, 2013, 12:15 pm

Hayy Hello?!

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