Asus Eee PC 900

Asus Eee PC 900

UK Price: £205.34 for Linux

US Price: $349 for Linux

Brief Description:

Asus' much anticipated follow-up to the original Eee PC, the 900 brought several revisions to the specification and design. These included an 8.9in, 1,024 x 600 resolution screen, a 20GB SSD and a multi-touch enabled touchpad. It also marked the introduction of Windows XP to the Eee PC stable.

Vital Statistics:

  • CPU: Intel Celeron M 900 MHz

  • Memory: 1GB DDR2

  • Storage: 20GB SSD (Linux); 12GB SSD (Windows)

  • Display: 8.9in, 1,024 x 600

  • Ports: 3xUSB 2.0; VGA; Headphone & Microphone; Ethernet; Memory Card Reader

  • Internet: 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi; 10/100 Ethernet

  • Bluetooth: No

  • WebCam: 1.3 Megapixel

  • Operating System:: Xandros Linux or Windows XP

  • Dimensions: 225 x 165 x 35mm

  • Weight: 0.99kg

  • Colours: White & Black

  • Battery Life: Up to 2hrs 30mins

The Good:

  • Screen is good for web pages

  • Multi-touch touchpad is kind of cool

  • More RAM

  • Larger hard drive storage

  • Windows option

  • Better WebCam

The Bad:

  • Retains old Celeron processor

  • By recent standards keyboard is cramped

  • Stiff competition from newer models

The Ugly:

  • Battery life arguably worse than original


What We Said

"Asus has done a brilliant job of updating an already great product. The engineers have clearly listened to all the comments regarding the original Eee PC and attempted to put them right. The 1,024 wide screen makes the Eee PC 900 a joy to use, especially if you spend a lot of your time in a browser window. The extra memory and storage are also very welcome additions, and help make this version of the Eee PC a real alternative to a fully featured notebook."

- Asus Eee PC 900 Full Review

What We Think Now

Its 8.9in screen makes it less of an anachronism than its predecessor, but there are still plenty of reasons why the Eee PC 900 falls short. Though it's available quite cheaply now, the Acer Aspire One in particular offers a compelling alternative around this price. That Asus made the screen bigger but didn't upgrade the battery means battery life is worse than the original, too.

The Bottom Line

Fine for tooling around the house browsing the Internet and taking out occasionally, it still represents reasonable value and is very portable but it's worth looking at the cheapest Acer Aspire One model first.

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