So we've covered pretty much every netbook worth mentioning, but which ones should you be buying? Well to help things along we've come up with a few categories based on usage. All you need to work out is exactly what you want to use your netbook for and hopefully one of these categories should match you perfectly.

Cheap Family Netbook & 2nd Laptop

Acer Aspire One | Full Review | Video Review

It's not the most glamorous of netbooks, but it's the only contemporary effort that hits the bargain basement price that arguably netbooks were intended to reach in the beginning. At its £180 price the Aspire One represents excellent value for money as a small family laptop that can be shared between children of all ages, be it for browsing the Internet or doing homework. Plus, if you then decide you want a little more flexibility from your netbook, a £50 battery upgrade and a cheap RAM upgrade makes it a formidable all-rounder for commuting and general entertainment. Its price also makes it ideal if you already own a notebook and just want something to throw in a bag once in a while.

Portable Media Player & Web Browser

Asus Eee PC 901 | Full Review | Video Review

If you're not that fussed about being productive on the go and just want something to entertain you, the Eee PC 901 remains an excellent option. Its size means you can throw it into any bag and it won't take up too much space, while the 20GB storage, combined with an inexpensive SDHC card, makes for plenty of space for videos and music. Vitally, its epic battery life means you can go out and leave your charger at home, further reducing the clutter to an absolute minimum.

Always Connected

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 | Full Review | Video Review

For accessing the Internet wherever you are, the Inspiron Mini 9 is the netbook to have. Having mobile broadband integrated into the machine means you never have to worry about losing or forgetting to carry a USB modem, while the tariffs offered by Vodafone, particularly the business ones, represent excellent value for money, too. That it's packaged within a stylish and easy to use machine is all the more appealing.

Day-to-Day Notebook Replacement

Samsung NC10 | Full Review

Just because a netbook has limitations, doesn't mean it can't be used extensively and the Samsung NC10 has all the right elements for the perfect notebook replacement. Its larger chassis means a near full-size keyboard that's very easy to type on, making it ideal for students in lectures and anyone who regular composes long e-mails, documents or takes notes. A large hard drive is perfect for storing lots of data/media files and six hours or more of battery life ensures you can leave your charger at home, too. Among the 10in netbooks it is definitely the best at the moment and could remain so for some time unless the HP Mini 1000 delivers on its expectations.


This concludes our guide to netbooks. We hope to return to it in the coming months, updating the info contained within it, adding new models and providing an even clearer picture of how the netbook market pans out. Until then, why not share your netbook opinions and/or request advice in general on the comments page.

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