Sega Saturn Games

Virtua Fighter 2

Virtua Fighter was a great Saturn launch title, but by the end of 1995 Sega's console needed something special to battle on against the might of Tekken and Battlefield: Toshinden on the PlayStation. Virtua Fighter 2 was spot on: a superb conversion of the arcade hit that proved the Saturn could push a lot of fully-textured polygons around if it had to. Refining the gameplay from the original and adding some well-conceived new characters, it pushed the series in all the right directions. Sadly, while a version of VF2 is available on the Wii Virtual Console, it's the Mega Drive port and best avoided. Try Virtua Fighter 4 on PS2 or VF5 on Xbox 360/PS3 if you need a proper Virtua Fighter fix. Alternatively, a PC conversion of VF2 is widely and cheaply available.


Sega Rally

With VF2, Sega Rally was part of a dynamic duo that almost - almost - saved the Saturn. Another fine conversion of a cutting-edge Sega arcade hit, Rally is a legendary racer for all the right reasons; the great tracks and excellent handling still stand up today, even if the visuals haven't dated quite so well. No console versions are currently available, though last year's excellent next-gen update is a fine substitute on the PC, 360 or PS3 (and currently available at bargain basement prices).


Nights into Dreams

Bundled with an analogue controller, Nights was pushed as Sonic Team's riposte to Super Mario 64, but in fact the two have very little in common. Nights had 3D platforming elements, but the focus of the game was flight, using the analogue pad to manoeuvre the hero through rings and around monsters in a weird world of dreams and nightmares. Even today, Nights feels unique and truly magical - much more so than the disappointing Wii sequel that emerged earlier this year. All the more shame, then, that the recent PS2 remake has not been released outside of Japan.


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