Jaguar and 3DO Games

Tempest 2000

The high-point of the Jaguar's line-up was a superb psychedelic update of Atari's classic tunnel shooter, Tempest, created by Llamasoft legend Jeff Minter. Sadly, while a different reworking of Tempest is available on Xbox Live Arcade, Tempest 2000 and its sequel, Tempest 3000, are not. However, a clone, Tsunami 2010, is available for Windows users, and Jeff Minter revisited the genre with the love it/hate it Space Giraffe on Xbox Live Arcade.


Aliens vs Predator

Predating the excellent PC series, Rebellion's Jaguar FPS was eagerly awaited as a breakthrough for the genre. The decision to make three factions - human, alien and predator - playable was interesting, and the game had plenty of atmosphere, but the bitmap graphics didn't live up to the hype, the frame rate was slow and the level design was less complex and interesting than iD's Doom. There's no way to play it now without a Jaguar or working emulator, though to be honest this isn't a terrible loss.


Need for Speed

Thanks to support from EA, the 3DO could boast (for the time) awesome-looking versions of Road Rash, FIFA Soccer and PGA Tour Golf. However, it was Need for Speed that really made people sit up and take notice of the new platform. Featuring superb polygonal 3D graphics and surprisingly realistic handling, the game made a real effort to replicate the look, feel and even the interior style of some of the world's hottest sports cars. The series remains popular to this day, and you may even still be able to find the later and enhanced PC version of the original with a spot of luck.


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