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The Start Of Something Beautiful


The Start Of Something Beautiful

Considering the fast pace at which we seem to be bombarded with technological innovations it's amazing how seldom it is that our user experience takes a genuine leap forward. The number of cool and exciting demos we see or hear about that never actually come to light or are still being worked on is staggering. However, every now and then things take a leap forward and when they do it makes you realise just why it is you read websites like TrustedReviews and why we continue to write about this stuff. It was just such an event that took place a couple of weeks ago when AMD announced its latest mobile computing platform, Puma.

As Tim reported when the NDA finally lifted, the platform sees the introduction of new power-optimised dual-core processors called Turion X2 Ultra, as well as a new chipset, and the accompanying range of HD 3000 series discrete mobile graphics cards.

The new CPUs are based on the same STARS cores that power the Phenom desktop line of CPUs so it's fair to say they won't be setting any performance or battery life records if our previous experience is anything to go by. However, with more sophisticated power saving features than any previous AMD CPUs, they will still be an improvement. The interesting bit, though is the new chipset that will support these new processors.

Based on the highly successful RS780G integrated graphics chipset that was released for the desktop market back in March, the new M780G brings unparalleled levels of graphics performance to the mobile space. Ok, that's not quite true; you've been able to get powerful notebook graphics cards for a while now. However, by integrating the graphics core into the main chipset, there is far greater potential to have powerful graphics on a thin and light notebook.

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