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Editorial: The New TrustedReviews Site


The New TrustedReviews Site - An Update

As many of you know, we recently launched the beta site of new TrustedReviews website. If you haven’t visited the site already, we’d like to encourage you to take a look and let us know what you think.

You can read about some of the improvements in the article entitled Welcome to the TrustedReviews beta site where many of you have left your feedback - some of it encouraging, all of it constructive.

There has been a lot of comment about the design.

Pbryanw: “The new design seems a step in the right direction, though doesn't hold back on the orange.”

Dark of Day: "The orange banner and horrible font logo are a very bad design, dated and ugly and uninspiring."

AndyC: "Cartoony is the best description I have seen ..nasty ..nasty ..nasty. Otherwise excellent effort."

Design is never going to please everyone and we are reviewing the look and feel of the site. The graphics we were using to promote features across the site may have been contributed to the “cartoony” feel and it wouldn’t have helped that these too were orange. We replaced them with picture promos which will change more frequently than they are currently being updated.

Content on the beta site is being migrated across from the current site in stages, which means that it may be a day or two behind the content here. When we do launch, updates will be more frequent and the feature promos on the right hand side of most pages across the site will contain more up to date content.

In addition, these spots will be managed so we can feature content relevant to a particular section, so for example, you’ll see camcorder features (or Round-ups, or Buyers’ Guides) in the cameras section.

Gareth Compton: “I’m not keen on the deprecation of the News articles. On the current website they have the same visual prominence as the reviews, and it's pretty easy to understand that reviews are on the left, and news on the right. On the beta home page, it took me a minute to find where the News articles had gone.”

Part of this might be down to habitual audience behaviour, but we don’t want to take any chances. The promo spots and flexible layout on the new TrustedReviews homepage will free us up editorially to be more creative with how we feature big stories, cover live events, promote video coverage of press conferences or launches while we remain committed to being topical and informative in a way that the current site doesn’t allow us to be.

News remains an important part of TrustedReviews. We cover a fast-moving industry driven by change and as journalists we work in the perfect medium to report on the latest events and products. We're devoted to the next big thing and the new site needs to reflect that.

Simonm: “The article comments on the beta site seem to operate independently of the article comments on the original site. Does this mean all the old comment threads will be lost at the changeover, or will they be replicated?”

We are working hard to resolve issues around the comments. Comments will be migrated from the current site over to the beta site, and existing users will be able to use their same login to leave new comments. Unfortunately we aren’t able to preserve comments made on reviews on the beta site and these will disappear after we go live, so if you want to leave comments on reviews, leave them here on the existing site and we will move them across for launch.

We have been listening to your feedback about the default views and layout of comments on articles and we are addressing those to deliver the best audience experience.

For more details about what’s coming up on the new site, read our article Welcome to the TrustedReviews beta site

Thank you for all the feedback so far and please keep your thoughts and ideas coming.

Please visit the TrustedReviews beta site and keep the comments coming in on the article Welcome message Even if you have been to the site already, we are making changes to make it better.

Finally, please take a couple of minutes to fill in beta site survey to help us gather more detailed about your views of the beta site.

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