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The new iPad 3: Ten Things I Hate About You

I hate iPad 3's operating system (iOS)

The iPad OS is simplicity itself and is great for it, but sometimes this is taken too far. For instance, if you want to switch WiFi networks you have to close whatever app you're using, find the homescreen with the settings app, open the settings, open General > Network > Wi-Fi then go about your changes. On Android Honeycomb you tap the bottom right corner, tap Wi-Fi and away you go. Okay, so it's one small example but there are many other scenarios like this where you have to jump through the Apple hoops to do basic tasks, and it's decidedly frustrating.

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I hate the iPad 3's lack of proper multi-tasking

This is a bit left-field because no tablet yet does exactly what I actually want when it comes to multi-tasking. You see, Android offers proper multi-tasking in so much as when you minimise an app it can carry on in the background doing everything it was, like you were still looking at it. In contrast, the iPad pauses its apps when minimised, with only a few core tasks (like playing music) able to continue. Both have their advantages with Android able to for instance complete boring slow tasks while you get on with something else, and the iPad way is good for battery life.

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However, what I really want is proper desktop style windows management where you can literally have two apps open side by side, or have a small window tucked away next to a big one. In fact, the way Windows 8 manages windows in touchscreen mode looks just perfect.

I hate that iPad 3 doesn't have Drag and Drop

ITunes is impressive, make no mistake. If you're a novice user or simply like everything to be in one place, it's a cracking piece of software. But, if you just like to do your own thing, it's a blinkin' nightmare. All I want is to be able to chuck some files onto my tablet, and drag 'em back off, and once they're on there I want to be able to browse the files, move them about and - you know - properly manage them.

I hate that iPad 3 gets all the best apps first

The tables are levelling up. Android is slowly catching up with the iPad for the depth and breadth of apps but invariably iPad still gets the best ones first. It's infuriating and it makes me sad.

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But mostly I hate the way I don't hate the iPad 3

What is most annoying about the iPad is that I don't really hate it at all. I'd love one if I could afford one but it's precisely all the reasons mentioned above that mean I can't really justify buying one. It's a frivolity, a toy, a bit of fun. Yes, for some people it may be more than this, for some it may be their only computing device, but not me. I need more.

So there you have it. If I were consulted for a redesign of the iPad, those would be my key criteria.

Have I missed anything? Is a mega-camera your biggest priority or is an even bigger screen your most important to you? Let us know in the comments.

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