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PlayStation 2 and 3 Exclusives

The world wasn’t kind to Sony in 2006 with PR mishaps aplenty and the delay of the PS3 in Europe adding to the general impression that, as of now, the PS3 has an awful lot to do if it is to match the Xbox 360, or even Nintendo’s Wii. That said, 2007 is a new year and Sony will surely be working hard to regain their previous heights whilst the PS2 still has a little life left in it too.

1. Metal Gear Solid 4 (Konami – PS3 – Stealth): The great hope of the PS3, Metal Gear Solid is to Sony as Halo 3 is to Microsoft. It’s a system seller with a proven record, and they’ve been teasing the public with a variety of trailers for many months. The main change to the gameplay is reportedly a much improved stealth system, with a particular emphasis in open ended solutions rather than predetermined stealth sequences.

2. God of War 2 (SCE Studios – PS2 – Action Adventure): As one of the few notable PS2 exclusives remaining, God of War 2 makes keeping hold of your PS2 very worthwhile. The original God of War was a trailblazing action game of astronomical proportions, and God of War 2 should be the perfect way to sign-off the ageing console.

3. MotorStorm (Evolution Studios – PS3 – Arcade Racing): As one of the key early PS3 titles, MotorStorm promises a diverse range of vehicles all battling it out across off-road terrain. Developed by UK developers Evolution Studios, reviews from Japan – where the game has already been released – have been favourable and when it reaches North America and Europe it’ll have the online multiplayer modes not seen in the Japanese release.

4. Heavenly Sword (Ninja Theory – PS3 – Action Adventure): This martial arts action game received a number of accolades at last years’ E3, making it one of the most eagerly anticipated releases for the PS3 this year. Featuring a female protagonist of unknown origins, details are slim but expectation is predictably high thanks to some eye opening action scenes.

5. Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom – PS3 – Action): Between Heavenly Sword and this, the PS3 has the action genre well and truly covered. Devil May Cry is another of Sony’s key third party exclusives, and it has sold consistently well since it first appeared on the PS2. The first PS3 iteration will feature a major change in characters, with long-running protagonist Dante being replaced by a character named Nero.

Also Look Out For: Killzone (PS3), Warhawk (PS3), Okami (PS2), Ridge Racer 7 (PS3), Lair (PS3) and Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3).

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