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The Gaming Guide to 2007

Andy Vandervell


The Gaming Guide to 2007

If we’re being brutally honest, and we like to be here at TrustedReviews, 2006 was a mixed year for gaming. As ever there were some classics, with Gears of War, Zelda: Twilight Princess and Oblivion all worth special mention. But, as a whole, 2006 flattered to deceive and major releases only hinted at the glories that are yet to come.

Happily, 2007 is looking like a year well worth remembering and if you want to own all the consoles, the best new hardware and the best new games you’re probably going to need to re-mortgage your house, max out your credit cards and pray to the high priest of bank managers for forgiveness. Fret not, however, for we at TrustedReviews won’t judge you for your financial sins and will instead show you how to commit them, should that be what you desire.

Multi-Format Releases

With the console race increasingly equal these days, 2007 could well be the year when multi-format releases truly dominate the landscape. The console exclusive may not be dead, but with the value of loyalty so much smaller these days, multi-format releases seem that much more lucrative.

1. Half-Life 2: Episode Two (Valve – PC/Xbox 360/PS3 – FPS): Episode One, the first in Valve’s extended experiment with the episodic model, was a resounding success and received high scores from many notable sources. However, since then, the episodic cause has hit on difficult times with SiN being cancelled and Episode Two delayed. Valve has, however, stuck to their guns and has sweetened the package by including standalone titles Portal and Team Fortress with the release of Episode Two.

2. Unreal Tournament 2007 (Epic Games – PC/Xbox 360/PS3 – FPS): There’s nothing quite like running around like a headless chicken gunning down all your friends, and for a long time Unreal Tournament has been king of this particular niche. In fairness, it’s not really that simple and Unreal Tournament has consistently delivered intense and deep online multiplayer for the masses. With this being the first Unreal 3 powered UT, it’s sure to be a stunner to boot.

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