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The Daily  for iPad - First Impressions

There's no denying that the Daily has a lot of hype to live up to, heralded as the forerunner of a new generation of publications set to save the old media from their otherwise inevitable demise

It's definitely hard to ignore the weight News Corp has thrown behind the Daily. With a $30-million development cost, 100 staff working on the publication and a claimed $500,000 per week operating budget this is far from a small project. Moreover, The Daily is also the trailblazer of a new in-app subscription model from Apple, so you can bet your bottom dollar Jobs and Murdoch and co. are serious about making this launch a long-term success.

It’s that dedicated staff that sets the Daily apart from its rivals. While the likes of The Times, Wired and the Huffington Post all have iPad portals to their content, there's no-one at those publications dedicated to producing content solely for Apple's tablet. Visit the Huff Po website and the layout isn’t as fancy, but editorially you're not losing out by bypassing the Huff Po app. Conversely the Daily will have its content written exclusively for the iPad.

Of course, as a paid-for product, as opposed to an alternative portal for News Corps other publications, it would be ridiculous if the Daily didn’t have original content. The key therefore is not just content, but quality content and we have to concede that in this regard the Daily is onto a winner.

For a start the aesthetics are spot on, with a good balance between glossing up pages with the fancy trimmings that digital publishing allows, without going too far and turning the whole affair into an unsightly, cluttered mess. We wouldn't complain if the font size were bumped up a notch, but the clever integration of videos and photos in pieces such as coverage of the protests in Egypt definitely adds to the articles.

However, the news section of the Daily suffers in that it's just the same stories as you can find online, but with an arguably high quality presentation. Moreover, by the time you're reading an article on the Daily, you'll almost certainly have seen the topic hit the web, trend on twitter, and be wearing a topically witty t-shirt. Nonetheless, if you aren't a massive consumer of news, and prefer to have your stories curated, there's something to be said for letting the Daily's editors filter out the important from the banal for you.

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