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TVonics, & Orbitsound

TVonics is a Welsh based company that produces digital TV Tuners and PVRs manufactured for it by Sony. We had a look at its DVR-250 PVR last year and were generally impressed though we noted its only mediocre picture quality, iffy menus, and lack of simultaneous recording functionality let it down somewhat. Well, happily I can report that at least one of those problems has been fixed with the release of the DTR-FP2500 (TWIN RECORD).

As the name suggests, the new model can now record two channels at once and, as the picture shows, it features case mounted buttons for controlling the box without a remote. These buttons do have the added side effect of making the box look less appealing than its simpler sibling but it's by no means ugly. As for the menus and picture quality, we'll let you know when we get one in for review.

As well as the new PVR model, TVonics was also showing its MFR-300, micro digital tuners, which are surely the perfect accompaniment to anyone that staunchly refuses to buy a new TV but realises the impending analogue switch off will render their set useless if they don't do anything about it. With just an aerial in and aerial out socket, and of course a remote, the box is compatible with any TV from the last 40 years (the TV in the picture is from 1979) and its tiny chassis makes it incredibly easy to hide away.

One of the most intriguing products on show was made by another British company, called Orbitsound. This new company has appeared on the scene with just three products based on the same airSOUND technology. Essentially, the products all use a single speaker to create a virtual stereo effect that, unlike conventional dual speaker setups, which have just one small sweet spot, is effective within a sizeable bubble of air in front of the speaker.

The Orbitsound T12 includes a remote, a sound bar with iPod dock, and a seperate subwoofer.

Two conventional systems were being demonstrated, the T6 and larger T12, and the airSOUND effect from both was very noticeable and really quite impressive. However, as with many of the products on show, the environment made it very difficult to truly asses the sound quality of these setups.

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