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Orbitsound, Dolby & SIM2

The final product Orbitsound was demonstrating was the T3, which is actually a personal speaker system. It hangs around your neck on the end of a lanyard and uses a combination of airSOUND to create a stereo bubble around your head and BODYSOUND to amplify the sound for the wearer. It can also be placed on any hard surface to utilise the same BODYSOUND affect to create a portable speaker system that anyone can listen to.

The system isn't magic and, while waiting to have a go, we could clearly hear the music three or four feet away when someone else was wearing the T3. However, when we tried it ourselves we couldn't believe how immersive and loud the sound was - you really have no idea until you actually try it. Truly impressive stuff.

The final visit of the day was to the Denon room where we attended a press conference about the event, followed by a demonstration by Dolby of its Dolby Vision and Dolby Contrast local backlight dimming technologies. Now, we've talked at length about these two revolutionary LCD display enhancing technologies before so we won't go over the basics here again. However, we did manage to glean a few tidbits of information out of the representatives as to when we might start seeing the technology in production.

Apparently SIM2, a company more associated with high-end projectors, will be the first to ship products with the newly licensed technology and later this year is touted as being the first public outing of production models (possibly the CEDIA or IFA Expos). So unfortunately, knowing the kind of products that SIM2 normally produces - its latest 3-chip DLP projector costs £17k - it looks like Dolby Contrast certified TVs will be demanding a hefty initial price tag. Still, we can but dream.

SIM2's latest projector, the C3X 1080, costs £17,000

So, that's another Bristol Show wrapped up and we have to say it was a great day out. It may have been a little Hi-Fi centric for our liking and it was a bit lacking in big name brands but for someone interested in Hi-Fi and Home Cinema it would still be well worth the £8 entrance fee.

Over the coming weeks we'll be getting in a number of the products we saw at the show so if there's anything that interested you then keep an eye out for those reviews. In the mean time we'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this year's show and what you'd like to see next time round.

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