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Squeezebox, Vita Audio, & Tangent

Another favorite that we've not seen in a while is the Squeezebox, which used to be made by Slim Devices but, following a takeover, is now produced by Logitech. These ingenious devices enable you to stream music from a computer, across your network, to wherever you like around your home and as Jonathan reported they are a pleasure to use. So, we were glad to see Logitech hasn't sat idle over the last couple of years and a new addition to the Squeezebox line is now available.

The Squeezebox Duet, as it's known, utilises Logitech's expertise in remote control technology to create a device that perfectly complements the existing Squeezebox range. It incorporates a full colour screen into a radio frequency remote and enables you to control multiple Squeezeboxes at once. We had a quick play with the demo system and it really was great to use, so it's definitely another one to chalk up on the ‘Get in for review' list.

Next we came across a couple of DAB radio manufacturers who's products we'd yet had the pleasure of reviewing. Vita Audio and Tangent are two companies that have looked at the high-end DAB radio market and, just as Pure has done with its slightly lower cost products, realised there's a huge market in selling stylish, compact, and easy-to-use DAB radios that produce unbelievable sound quality.

Vita Audio's range consists of the R1, R2, and R4. The R1 is a single speaker DAB unit, which is just perfect as a bedside radio. The R2 adds a second speaker to the mix and the R4 finishes things off by adding an iPod dock and CD player as well. They all produce a sound quality that totally belies their diminutive stature and even though the range starts at around £200 they look like representing great value for money.

Tangent offer a rather more diverse range of products but again it was the cute little DAB radios that caught our eye. The new Cinque range include CD playback as well as the radio functionality and sound quality is again truly impressive. They're also a bit cheaper than the Vita products, with the Cinque range starting at around £150.

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