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Sony Bravia Internet Video - Cont'd

One for the lads, meanwhile, is the Ford Models channel. Broken into Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty Tips, Yoga and Fitness tips, this content essentially feels like an excuse to have lots of beautiful women showing pictures of themselves or doing stuff without many clothes on. Genius. Weird, but genius. And again, the sheer amount of content here is startling.

Next up is DailyMotion, followed by content from Howcast.com. This features no less than 402 video clips telling you how to do everything from getting the best out of an Amazon Kindle to blagging AV gear by becoming a consumer electronics reviewer! Needless to say, this latter clip proved very useful to us.

There are loads of sex and dating tips too, but obviously we didn’t need any help from these. Honest.

Amazingly, there’s a lot more to get through. Kicking off with ON Networks, which presents an eclectic mix of 18 video clips, some showing beautiful locations in HD, some discussing video games, and some teaching you how to play golf! Told you it was eclectic...

If the ON Networks golf tips don’t have you playing to par then fear not, for there’s another 48 tips up next from golflink.com, followed by a massive 104 clips from livestrong.com, giving tips on everything from yoga to keeping your marriage together.

If music is more your bag, Sony has signed up the SingingFool 'channel', showing low quality video music clips. These clips aren’t generally from any bands you’ve ever heard of, mind you, so finding anything worth listening to is a time-consuming labour of love. But the occasional gem just about makes the service worth revisiting every now and then.

We’re nearly at the end now, with the rear being brought up by a selection of RSS podcasts and video casts, a couple of German language content providers (tageschau and Deutsche Welle), plus music from the Deutsche Philharmonik orchestra and dozens of usually weird, often amateurish and mostly dull 'broadcasts' from National Public Radio.

Sony’s remote also has a Widgets button, but at the time of writing, this appeared to only provide access to a pop-up weather forecasting service.

There will doubtless be some people reading this who are currently feeling as if Bravia Internet Video falls into the classic trap of mistaking volume of content with quality of content. But honestly, it’s hard not to be impressed by the sheer volume and variety of stuff Sony has got onboard. And even if you only focus on the 'a-list' stuff, there’s still more meat to Sony’s online bones - especially once the iPlayer goes live - than there is with any other brand to date.

It’s worth wrapping up, too, by complimenting Sony for the stability of its TV streaming - thanks, quite possibly, to the set’s carriage of a seven-second buffer for handling slight streaming glitches or delays.

Online Rating: 9/10


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