LG NetCast

LG was relatively late to the online TV party, and to be honest, it’s still off the pace.

For a start, despite now having had the chance to check out LG’s online features on three separate TVs, in each case we’ve had significant problems getting the online features to work consistently via a standard 2MB broadband pipe.

But also a concern is how little content there actually is. At the time of writing, the NetCast platform has just three streams of content: the extremely limited 'charms' of the AccuWeather forecasting service, which can at least focus on your own area; the inevitable YouTube platform; and the also pretty common Picasa photo site, so you can access and playback your Picasa-stored photo albums.

The interface for accessing these content streams is decent enough, if a little child-like in its presentation. But then it’s hard to mess an interface up when it only has to handle three services!

We know that LG has signed a deal with Skype to allow video-calling via its TVs (if you add an external webcam), but while we gather this service is imminent, it’s not running right now.

The bottom line here is that our alphabetical approach has unfortunately led us to kick this feature off with what’s comfortably the least impressive online service currently available. Hopefully LG can make substantial improvements in the coming months.

Online Rating: 4/10


March 10, 2012, 2:45 am

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