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The 10 Most Important Games Ever

Just over a year ago the TrustedReviews team got together to run through our favourite games of all time. Back then we freely admitted that our lists were very personal. They relied a lot on the games systems we had owned during our lives and on nostalgia, both for the games and for the times when we were playing them. But all this got us thinking: what if we were to be a bit less subjective, and try and come up with a list of the most important games ever?

The list here is really just a starting point, drawn up with a little help from a few members of the TrustedReviews team. We haven't necessarily gone for the games that did things first or even the games that did things best, but instead the games that have had the biggest impact on the widest number of other titles, and on the games whose influence still affects the games being made today. If you agree or disagree strongly, or if you think we've really missed something major out, then let us know. We might not agree, but we'd like to see your ideas as well.

Anyway, on with the list. In chronological order…

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