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TDK Headphones - Round-up


TDK Headphones - Round-up

Ask anyone at TrustedReviews how much you should spend on a pair of headphones for your MP3 player and we'd probably tell you that around £70 will buy you a pair worthy of your music. That said, the sad fact is that most people don't want to budget that much; in fact, many will stick with the reliably useless earbuds that shipped with their chosen player.

Occasionally, however, these will go wrong or they will start to wonder if they could do better. At this point, your average punter might look at a pair of sub £10 or £20 budget earbuds of the sort you'll see in any high street store, with JVC, Philips and Sony the leading brands. To this list we might also add TDK.

Though it is best known these days for CD and DVD media, it's trying to make a name for itself in the accessories market with its 'Life on Record' consumer line. This features six new sets of earphones and headphones, of which we've picked three for a closer look.

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