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Star Wars: Battlefront tips and tricks

Sam Loveridge


Star Wars Battlefront

You'll be a Jedi (or Sith) yet

Star Wars: Battlefront has changed quite a bit since launch with the release of December's Battle of Jakku DLC, so for anyone coming in fresh, you might need a helping hand.

You can explore Hoth, fly TIE-fighters and even play as Lord Vader himself if you're lucky.

It might not be the single-player Star Wars game you were looking for, but this multiplayer experience just oozes Star Wars from its every pore. Each mode is huge, cinematic, full of all the pew-pew Star Wars noises and charm you'd hope for and is utterly addictive.

Because of its Star Wars credentials though, Battlefront is attracting players that might not usually dabble in a multiplayer title.

To help elevate you from noob status, here's a few Star Wars Battlefront tips and tricks to get you started.

After all, Endor won't save itself.

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1. Don't ignore the missions

Although we know you're desperate to jump into the main multiplayer portion of Star Wars: Battlefront, you should definitely take the time to play through at least some of the missions.

Not only are they ridiculously fun to play with your friends, but they also introduce you to the main gameplay mechanics and the Cards you'll unlock in the multiplayer game. Plus you'll get to know some of the weapons and which ones fit your play style best.

2. The better blasters are the ones you get first

Although Battlefront's character progression system means you unlock additional Cards, weapons and custom appearances as you rank up through the levels, those weapon unlocks aren't all they're cracked up to be.

The weapons aren’t really different or powerful enough to make getting the next one an obsession, and we’ve generally found that some of the earliest weapons are the most effective. Plus some of the later shotgun and carbine-style blasters just don’t work across all the game’s modes or maps.

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Battlefront Hoth

3. Your blaster is a versatile weapon

So if you stick with some of the more standard blasters, you're basically set for the whole game. And that's because blasters, unlike traditional weapons, are really versatile.

Blaster bolts aren't just fast and powerful; they can also travel some great distances. To begin with you'll find it difficult to get to grips with the fact that you can be shot from across the map by anyone with a standard blaster – not just the snipers.

The largest maps require you to cover a lot of ground and as soon as you see someone from the opposing team, take a shot at them.

Hey, even if you miss, at least you tried.

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Star Wars Battlefront

4. Make some friends

Battlefront is huge – in terms of maps and the sheer number of players you're going to come up against. There's a lot of ground to cover in the objective-based modes and often it's tempting just to head for the nearest objective at a sprint as soon as you respawn. Trust us, we've been there.

But in Battlefront it really pays to make some new friends, even if just for a single match. Stay with your team mates, because together you're a lot stronger and will be more prepared to take on all those opponents.

Head off alone, you'll die alone. Over, and over, and over again.

5. And then spawn on them

When you die, take advantage of the ability to choose where you spawn. And in Battlefront, it's not just about choosing a random point on the map. Instead, tap triangle or Y and spawn right in next to your buddy (or random team member who happens to be quite good).

It's the best way of working as a team to win those objective-based modes. After all, what's better than one Imperial soldier or one Rebel? A whole blinking pack of them.

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Star Wars Battlefront

6. Look out for Power-Ups

Throughout the Star Wars: Battlefront maps you might find a Power-Up or two. These take the form of a little blue circle and they get you one-time-use weapons, vehicles or even a Hero if you're lucky.

Once you've picked one up, you can activate it by pressing LB and RB or R1 and L1. But be careful, once you've used it you'll have to find the Power-Up again.

To start off with, Power-Ups you'll find will include temporary Shields, but later on you'll get access to weapons like the Proximity Bomb, Sensor Droid or Vehicle Turret.

But get deeper into the multiplayer modes and you might pick up vehicles like the TIE Fighter or X-Wing.

Just keep an eye out for those Hero icons.

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7. Let Credits burn a hole in your pocket

Earning Credits, the in-game currency of Star Wars: Battlefront, is a slow process. You'll need to complete side challenges to earn the big payouts too.

In order to buy the best Cards, you'll need a lot of these Credits, so we suggest you start saving – especially at the start when they're coming through thick and fast.

Consider what play style you prefer and really think about what would make you a better player before you start blowing those Credits.

8. Upgrade your Star Cards

You might know that you can use credits to buy weapons and abilities, but you can also use them to upgrade your Star Cards.

Yes, it's expensive. But, with great credit sacrifice comes great rewards. Buying Star Card upgrades reduces the cooldown on your abilities, meaning more Jet Pack jumping, more Ion Torpedoes and generally more skill.

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9. Supremacy and Walker Assault are the best modes

Battlefront certainly has quite a few modes, including Blast, Drop Zone and Cargo, Hero Hunt, Heroes vs Villains, and Fighter Squadron.

But the real heart of Star Wars: Battlefront lies in the Supremacy and Walker Assault modes. It's here that you really get to grips with the epic scale of Star Wars battles, and where the cinematic moments keep on rolling.

Sure, you’ll endure a lot of running towards an objective, falling foul of a sniper or a hail of laser fire, then respawning.

But when you start successfully mounting assaults on enemy positions, narrowly escaping death, defending your position with teammates and launching aerial raids, you'll feel triumphant.

May the Force be with you.

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