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Breo Sports Roam Watch


Sports Gadgets Roundup

With Spring well and truly in the air and the sun shining (well some of the time), you're probably thinking about going out and doing healthy, sporty type activities. So here at TrustedReviews we decided that it might be a good idea to look at a few sporty, health and fitness type gadgets that won't break the bank.

Affordability is one of the key points here, since once you work that fitness bug out of your system in a few weeks, you don't want expensive sports kit sitting in a shoe box under your bed! We therefore contacted the guys at 0800sports and requested a selection of gadgets and gizmos, designed to help you with your healthy summer pursuits.

First out of the box was the Breo Sports Roam watch, or in fact several of them in different colours and sizes. At first glance these small watches resemble those coloured rubber charity/cause bands that became so popular a few years back - OK, so I still have a yellow Livestrong band, but Lance did start it all off and cancer research is always worth supporting. The different colour Breo watches however, do not represent anything, other than which outfit they match.

At first glance these watches do appear to be nothing more than fashion items, and I'm sure that there are many buyers who see them that way, matching the different colours to different moods and ensembles. However, for the active individual that doesn't want to risk damaging their Tag Heuer or Rolex while exercising, the Breo is a solid alternative.

Not only is the Breo Sports Roam watch incredibly light - only 10g in fact - it's also water resistant and can take a good few knocks and bumps. And even if you do manage to break it during your sporting activities, you can take solace in the fact that it cost you less than a tenner!

But the Breo has another little trick up its sleeve in the shape of a substance called Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that is attributed with certain positive health benefits, such as increased metabolism and blood flow - both of which are meant to be aided by the fact that the crystal is on your wrist and close to an artery. Wearing the Breo (or any other Tourmaline bracelet) is meant to result in reduced fatigue, better mood and sleep patterns, muscle relaxation and improved recovery from muscle and joint complaints.

Being the cynical type I wrapped the Breo around my left wrist, since I'd been suffering with a terrible case of tendonitis in my left elbow for a while. To my surprise I did feel a small degree of relief in my arm after wearing the Breo, despite the fact that colleagues insisted that it was merely a placebo. One thing's for sure though, the Breo didn't cure my elbow, since although I did feel that the pain had lessened it was still most definitely there. Consequently, I'm now in the middle of a course of physiotherapy!

The watch functionality is extremely limited, and there's not even a backlight, so don't expect to be checking your wrist for the time in a darkened room. More worrying though is the Breo's inability to keep time - of the three samples we tried in the office, every one of them was several minutes out only a few days after being set. With all that in mind, you probably wouldn't want this to be your primary, every day watch.

It still worth remembering though, that these watches cost less than £10, and if you're just going to use one when you're partaking in some kind of sporting activity, the poor extended timekeeping may not be an issue. Likewise, if you like the idea of wearing a different colour watch to match different outfits, it's the look of the Breo that's going to be more important than its actual timekeeping.


Whether or not you believe in the health benefits of Tourmaline, the Breo Roam Sports watch is still a comfortable and lightweight timepiece for anyone that's very active and doesn't want to risk damaging an expensive watch. The cheap price and array of colours also make it attractive to the fashion conscious. It's a shame that it doesn't keep time particularly well, but then I guess you can't expect too much for £8.50.

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