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Sony VAIO C Series Hands-on

Ardjuna Seghers


Sony VAIO C Series Hands-on

Light-Emitting Diodes and Keyboard Cover

After checking out Sony's high-end 3D powerhouse F Series and premium ultraportable S Series, it's time to take a look at the more mainstream and affordable C Series.

At 14 inches, the C Series strikes a nice balance between portability and screen acreage, and brings decent specifications and high-end connectivity to the table too. However, what really helps them to stand out from the crowd is the range of colours they're available in, with some 'light emitting' options thrown in for good measure.

You can get the laptop in black, white, orange, green and, for those men supremely confident in their masculinity, pink. Interestingly, both the orange and green options integrate light-emitting diodes into their chassis, which will glow in the dark even when the laptops are turned off.

If you're the kind of person who would go for these colours in the first place, we're sure this neon effect will appeal. Though the environments in which it can be shown off are somewhat limited, it is quite appealing in a Tron kind of way. On the practical side of things, it will help you see your laptop in a dark room. The remaining colours make do with light-reflecting strips, which still look neat but lack that wow-factor and obviously don't do much in complete darkness.

We're pleasantly surprised to see keyboard backlighting even on this 'budget' range. Another unique feature for these laptops is their keyboard covers. You see, the keyboards are actually a complementary colour (silver on the white model, black on the green, etc.) with a removable rubber cover in the primary colour.

While it's easy to dismiss this as a gimmick, there are actually a number of benefits. Not only does this allow you to customise your laptop's look a little, but it also lets you decide on the feel of the keys (rubberized with the cover, plain smooth matt without).

Leaving the cover on also prevents dust and dirt from getting into the keyboard, and it means that it's really easy to clean – you can even submerge the cover in soapy water. Additional covers are available if you want to change the colour or replace broken/missing ones.

Nor is a keyboard cover the only accessory. You also get a matching Bluetooth wireless mouse (which we found to be weighty but comfortable) and carrying case, both of which are great inclusions for first-time buyers.

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