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Sony SMU-M10 Travel Mouse

Second in this face-off is the SMU-M10 Travel Mouse. If the name isn't a clue it's pretty clear that this model is far more travel orientated, with a flat, credit card like design that lends itself to slipping seamlessly into a pocket or bag.

As with the Wide Wheel Mouse, it also comes in a selection of colours. Our sample was the very palatable White/Grey variety, while other options include Dark Grey/Black and Blue/Silver. All of these are quite attractive, and retail for just under £15 inc. VAT.

Weighing in at 50g, the SMU-M10 is just 15mm thick, 54mm wide and 71mm deep; which you'll probably agree is pretty small. It also uses an 800dpi optical sensor, and features the usual mouse complement of two primary buttons and a scroll wheel that doubles as a middle click button.

It's got a far shorter cable at 65cm, but it wraps neatly around the mouse into the cut away space provided. This is certainly a lot more intuitive than cramming it all into a small compartment, though it does mean the USB plug can't be hidden away.

Still, it's certainly an improvement and thanks to its lightness and some decent quality glide pads the SMU-M10 moves effortlessly across the majority of (flat) surfaces. Indeed, it can be easily controlled using just a finger if you so desired.

Everything about it feels solidly made, and would certainly be able deal with any rough and tumble it might encounter. Buttons have a nice precise mechanism, and are curved ever so slightly upward to provide a more pleasing response. It's a small thing but it does demonstrate rather well that despite being a simple and relatively unimportant product, Sony has still put some serious thought into the ergonomics.

The only serious complaint that can be made is of the scroll wheel, which is rather tough and by no means as smooth as that on the Wide Wheel Mouse. In real terms though this is hardly of great consequence, and is a tiny fly in the ointment of an otherwise perfect experience. Were it wireless like the upcoming Logitech VX Nano it would be all the greater, though for only £15 one can hardly complain.


Slim, light and beautifully designed, you couldn't ask a lot more of a travel mouse, apart from no wires. Otherwise, it's a great buy.

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