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Nav-U, PlayStation, and Conclusions


No, this isn’t a new slang insult that the big S is trying to proliferate. Nav-U is Sony’s brand of satellite navigation systems to which two new ranges have just been added.

The NV-U82 and NV-U92T are ultra slim (20mm) widescreen (4.8in 16:9) devices that provide an unprecedented view of your route while in your car. The NV-U52 and NV-U72T, on the other hand, are a smaller form factor (3.5inch 4:3 screen) that feature a fold away mounting system which makes them ideal for personal use as well as in the car.

NV-U82 / NV-U92T


Both ranges offer the same set of internal features that includes Gesture Commands which, just like mouse gestures, enables you to scribble a simple shape on the screen to call up familiar commands like ‘home’ or ‘nearest pub’. They also all have Sony Position Plus technology that uses accelerometers and pressure sensors to interpret the motion of your vehicle so if your satellite signal drops out – while under a bridge, say – the GPS can make an educated guess as to where you are. The T models also include European coverage and Traffic Message Channel support right out of the box.

NV-U52 / NV-U72T


The NV-U52 and NV-U82 both have 512MB internal flash memory while the NV-U72T and NV-92T have 2GB internal memory but they’re are all expandable by way of a Memory Stick slot. Supplied accessories include car battery adapter, USB cable, driver/applications CD, and a soft carry case. According to the Sony press release the NV-U82 and NV-U92T will be available throughout Europe from late spring while the NV-U52 and NV-U72T will be coming in early summer. Well, I’m not sure about you but they mean pretty much the same thing to me!


Finally, what article on Sony would be complete without talking about the PS3? Well, this one. I'll leave it to Riyad to tell you all about it.


Sony’s brand label of the moment is like.no.other and from what I saw at the Sony Media Experience 2007 this is most definitely a fair description. There are very few companies in the world that could put on an event of this scale and even fewer that could do it in such an entertaining manner. If the impression the gathered media crowds were giving off was anything to go by, Sony’s future is certainly one to watch with interest.

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